CEDI Systems

Continuous Electrodeionization Systems (Models 24 & 30)

The VEOLIA's CEDI systems 24 & 30 polish reverse osmosis permeate to produce high purity water of up to 18 MΩ.cm.

Flow rates range from 1.4 to 40.8 m3/hr.

Features & Benefits

  • Chemical free operation
  • No regeneration downtime ; continuous flow, consistent water quality
  • Skid-mounted, standardized systems ; short lead-times, quick installation and start-up
  • Up to 8 CEDI modules per skid ; flexibility, high flow rates

CEDI Modules

  • Double o-ring seal ; leak-free operation
  • Completely filled concentrating compartments ; no need for recirculation pump and brine injection
  • Plate-and-frame arrangement gives even distribution of fluid and current flow ; improves performance and module longevity

Hydrex® Chemicals

Hydrex® 5000 water treatment chemicals from Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies should be used for cleaning and sanitization.

CEDI Technology

Continuous Electrodeionisation (CEDI) is a technology combining ion exchange resins and ion-selective membranes with direct current to remove ionised species from water. It overcomes the limitations of ion exchange resin beds, notably the release of ions as the beds exhaust and the associated need to change or regenerate the resins. Reverse osmosis (and sometimes membrane degassing) is typically used prior to CEDI to ensure that the CEDI stack is not overloaded with high levels of salts.