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Multi-local Presence

Veolia Water Technologies is made of 135 business units worldwide

Hynix Semiconductor Inc. - South Korea

Hynix Semiconductor Inc. (Hynix) is one of the major global manufacturers of semi-conductors.

The client

Hynix is continually developing its technology and improving its production management and is now a leader in the production of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) chips. The company is present on five continents and holds 19% of the world market.

On Ichon, Ganam, Cheongju and Gumi sites in South Korea, Hynix produces parts for the production of DRAM chips and LCD screens. These are key parts for the multimedia and digital technology sectors.

Client's needs

Ultrapure water is needed in the conductor production process to wash the components. They are extremely sensitive to the presence of impurities. Therefore, it is essential for Hynix to have a constant supply of ultrapure water of a very high quality.

Furthermore, the microelectronics industry recycles most of its wastewater in the production cycle and is therefore extremely careful on the wastewater treatment system.

Hynix wanted to focus on its core business and to transfer the associated risk and responsibilitie and the overall management of its water cycle to an expert service provider.

Our solution

Veolia Water invested US$176 million and signed an operating and maintenance contract with Hynix for its industrial water and wastewater treatment plants.

Veolia Water's services include:

  • the production and distribution of ultrapure water (79,000 m3 per day) and drinking water (72,000 m3 per day) on the four sites
  • the treatment of industrial wastewater (32,160 m3 per day) at the Cheongju and Gumi sites, and the treatment of domestic wastewater at Ganam
  • the recycling of the ultrapure water (60%) on the Ichon site Production of ultra-pure water: Pre-treatment/ Decarbonisation / Microfiltration / UV sterilisation / Reverse osmosis / Stripping/ Polishing

Industrial wastewater treatment:

  • inorganic process: Neutralisation / Clarification / Filtration / Sludge treatment (thickening and filter press)
  • organic process: Neutralisation / Aeration / Clarification / Filtration / Thickening / Filter press

158 Hynix employees were transferred to Veolia Water.

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