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Multi-local Presence

Veolia Water Technologies is made of 135 business units worldwide

Mettis Aerospace, Redditch - United Kingdom

Mettis Aerospace limited is a manufacturer of aircraft and aeroengine components based upon world leading forging, machining and metallurgical skills.

The client

Operating from the heart of England, Mettis Aerospace has a comprehensive range of design, logistics, manufacturing processing and kitting services all on one site.

The site is an ideal "one stop supply centre" for aircraft components.

Client's needs

Mettis Aerospace was looking to reduce the overall cost and quantity of process water required for their operational site in Redditch.

They approached Veolia Water to improve their site water balance by installing a water recycling plant and a dedicated distribution system.

Our solution

Veolia Water assessed the operation of the existing effluent treatment plant, designed a process capable of providing the required standard of water for recycling, and conducted on-site trials to validate the process.

Veolia Water took over the operation of the existing treatment plant, and entered into a global outsourcing contract with Mettis Aerospace for the design construction, and operation of the water recycling facilities.

Veolia Water's services include make up and delivery of chemical solutions utilised within the production process. Five Mettis Aerospace employees were transferred to Veolia Water.

The technology offered was:

  • Oil/water separation to treat raw effluent, other contaminated water and pond water
  • Filtration and reverse osmosis to provide the recycled water at a maximum supply of 1,011 m3/day
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