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Smurfit Kappa - France

Smurfit Cellulose du Pin (SCP), a subsidiary of the Irish group Jefferson Smurfit, operates one of Europe's largest paperboard production plants at Facture (Gironde).

The client

The site employs approximately 600 people and produces over 500,000 tones of kraft paper per year.

Since 1995, SCP has made a commitment to reduce the volume of the wastewater discharged. In 1997 a physical-chemical wastewater treatment facility was built on the site.

Client's needs

In 2001, as part of its business expansion plans and ambitious environmental impact reduction program, SCP needed a biological treatment file to complete the existing physical-chemical treatment facility.

SCP's objectives for this biological plant were:

  • the improvement of the effluent discharge quality and, in particular, the reduction of the COD and BOD5 pollutant loads
  • the financial impact reduction of the new installation on their balance sheet.

The facility was required to treat 30,000 m3/d effluent with a daily pollutant load of 35 tons of COD, 18 tons of BOD5 and 30 tons of TSS.

Our solution

To meet SCP's needs, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies designed and built a biological treatment facility using an anaerobic treatment process based on the EGSB Biobed™ technology.

The installation has the following advantages:

  • compactness
  • low sludge production
  • recovery of biogas for use as an energy source

Veolia Water worked with SCP on a financing solution allowing the debt to be treated as accounts payable.

Veolia Water entered a multi-year contract for the operation of the new and existing treatment facilities and of the existing pumping stations. It also produces biogas from the biological process.

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