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Songdo - Mansu - Korea

Innovation in Sewage Teatment Plant.

Incheon project

Under this agreement, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Korea provides an integrated package encompassing plant design, all engineering, mechanical procurement totalling KRW24 billion (€17 million) and all process guarantees to build two Sewage Treatment Plants (STP). These projects pioneer the implementation of some of the latest and most advanced water treatment technologies in Korea.


Biological treatment

Azenit™P :
Azenit™P is based on the principle of wastewater treatment by activated sludge. Azenit™P provides complete control of nitrification and denitrification within a single tank, thanks to sequential aeration in conjunction with a bacterial selector tank at the inlet of the treatment.
During this stage Azenit™P enhances removal of carbon, nitrogen and biological phosphorous pollution.

Sludge thickening and dewatering

Sludge thickening

For Mansu : A gravity belt thickener performs the mechanical thickening of the sludge.

For Songdo : A dissolved air flotation thickener and a gravity thickener perform the thickening of the sludge.

Sludge dewatering

For both plants : Centrifuges perform the mechanical dewatering of the thickened sludge.

These two treatments allow a comprehensive reduction of sludge volume.


Physio-chemical treatment

Multiflo™ :
Multiflo™ is a very compact settler utilizing lamellar technology, which allows a very large sedimentation area. For an equal flow rate, the foot print of a Multiflo™ system is 10 times smaller than that of a classic sedimentation unit.

Biological filtration

Biostyr™ :
Biostyr™ is Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies' highly compact ascending bio-filtration system, allowing extremely effective biological treatment of residual waters requiring carbon removal, nitrification-denitrification and post-denitrification.

During this stage, the effluent is clarified by filtration through a biologically active media bed, so biodegradable pollution such as carbon and nitrogen can be eliminated by the nitrification and denitrification processes. In addition, a second stage of Biostyr™ performs post-denitrification for polishing nitrogen removal.

Tertiary treatment

Actiflo™ :
Actiflo™ is a highly compact physiochemical settling process combining the benefits of weighted flocculation and lamella settling.
Weighted flocculation with micro-sand increases settling velocity and lamellar technology allows a very large sedimentation area. The micro-sand is then separated from the generated sludge by hydrocyclones and is recycled back to the injection tank. During this stage, Actiflo™ polishes the treated water by removing residual phosphorous.

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